Finale - Part 1

Finale - Part 1

October 26, 2021
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Author Notes:

MossMill 26th Oct 2021, 4:32 PM
(Part 1 of ... I dunno)

The strip needed an ending, so I came up with this. I was aiming for something that a.) feels like an ending and b.) doesn't resolve anything. This story works on both levels.

Of course, the comic ended a while ago, and most of its readers have moved on. So this "finale" is a day late and a dollar short at best (like the book, but whatever).

So here it is for anybody who's interested.


Ichneumon 27th Oct 2021, 3:56 AM
Thanks! An ending of any kind is much appreciated.

And five years of freeloading certainly seems in character.
patjade 27th Oct 2021, 1:50 PM
Still here. Welcome back!
hrickheit 28th Oct 2021, 6:35 PM
I love unresolved endings!